5 Natural Remedies/Exercises That Can Fix Droopy Eyelids Effectively

By on January 24, 2020

Exercise 5: To strengthen the muscles of the eyebrow area

When it comes to strengthening the muscles of the eyebrow area, you can follow these steps:
1: Raise your eyebrows as high as possible
2: Now open your eyes as wide as possible and hold for a count of five
3: After this, slowly lower your eyebrows and relax
4: Repeat this exercise for 5-10 minutes

The eye exercises paired along with a healthy diet and lifestyle can really improve the skin around the skin and fix droopy eyelids. Performing these exercises is simple and inexpensive way to keep droopy eyelids at bay. However, apart from these exercises you can try other remedies such as makeup to hide droopy eyelids.

There is also an option to remove the excess skin through surgical means. Speak to us at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre to tackle droopy eyelids & brows, eye bags or even saggy cheeks.

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